How to make it look like you have had lip injections with makeup

For years, many people swore off lip liner for fear that it would look too obvious. If you take a look back at some late 1980s and early '90s movies, you'll see that lip liner wasn't always discreet. Today, lip liner is back in a big way and can give lips the look of fullness that they naturally lack.
The key to faking fuller lips lies in pairing products carefully. This tutorial video uses peachy pinks that border on nude because pale shades automatically make lips look a bit more plump (the exact opposite of dark shades). You'll need four products to create this look, and the lip liner will be the darkest of the four.
Ready to see how it's done? Take a look!
- Lip liner, two shades deeper than your natural lip color
- Peachy mid-tone nude lipstick
- Liquid concealer
- Shiny peach or pink gloss
- Lip brush (optional)
1. Start at the center of your upper lip and outline it lip with the liner. You can draw slightly beyond the lip but don't go too far. Overdrawing can look unnatural if not done carefully.
2. Fill in the outer corners of both lips with the liner. By darkening the corners, you create the illusion of a contour, which will draw attention to the center of your lips.
3. Apply the lipstick to the entire lip area but don't cover up the outer corners or you'll lose your contour.
4. For added fullness in the center, dab a bit of liquid concealer on the center of your lips with your finger. (Don't apply the concealer directly from the wand because you'll alter the color in the tube. Use a clean lip brush for the best results.)
5. Apply the gloss. Once again, focus only on the center. Press your lips together lightly, and you're done.
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