7+ hair straightening tips that you should know

Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture in the hair, but the weather can also heighten the problem and make your mane more unruly than ever before. These 7+ hair straightening tips will help you achieve sleek, shiny hair, even during the muggiest months of the year. Read on for some informative anti-frizz hair hacks.
Eliminating frizz is a multi-layered process, which first begins in the shower. Use shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed to create smoother and sleeker styles. You should also invest in humidity-proof hair serums because they basically serve as an umbrella for your hair.
Pick the right flat iron
A flat iron should be an investment tool. Meaning, you shouldn’t pick just any model without first doing your research. Low-cost flat irons tend to heat up unevenly, which may cause you to go over each section of your hair several times, resulting in damage.
There are many things you need to consider when choosing a flat iron for your unique hair type. If your hair is naturally straight, a flat iron with ceramic plates is your best bet. Ceramic plates have less intense heating elements and are ideal for people with non-resistant hair. Here’s a hot tip: Start with a lower heat setting when styling your hair because you can always modify the temperature if you need to later on.
If your hair is more resistant to heat, opt for a flat iron with titanium plates. Titanium plates heat up faster than ceramic plates, so you’ll see more immediate results when you flat iron your hair. Remember to take smaller sections to achieve a sleeker, final look. You can use a fine-tooth comb in conjunction with your flat iron to reduce volume. As always, avoid long-term heat damage by using heat protection on your hair.
Choose the best flat iron temperature and plates for your hair type
Titanium vs. ceramic flat irons — which one is better for your mane?
Here’s a brief comparison that’s worth repeating again: Titanium plates transfer heat faster and can reach as high as 450 degrees. Ceramic plates do not heat up as fast, but protect hair from heat damage caused by uneven hot spots.
If you have fine or color-treated hair, ceramic plates are your best option. Consider also giving tourmaline flat irons a try. They’re made of crystalline minerals and counteract frizz and flyaways. Flat irons are a direct form of heat, which means they can be far more damaging to your strands than the diffused heat you get from your blow dryer.
Prevent breakage when flat ironing
If you want to have a fabulous-looking mane, you need to be vigilant about preventing breakage. This video teaches you some steps on how to prevent heat damage when flat ironing your hair.
Keep hair straight after styling
There is nothing more frustrating than having your hair revert back to its original curly or frizzy state after you’ve spent hours getting it styled at the salon. If you want to keep your hair straighter for a longer period of time, your flat iron isn’t necessarily the answer. Try using a wig cap, among other techniques, mentioned in this tutorial.
Know how to find your part
Failing to find your natural part prolongs the time you spend styling your hair. Follow this tutorial to get step-by-step instructions on how to find your natural part and how to change it up if you need to jazz up your look.
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Curl hair after straightening
You don’t want to risk frying your strands if you’re planning to use multiple heat tools. Take a look at this video for tips on how to safely curl your hair after straightening it with a flat iron.
Skip the flat iron entirely
Sometimes it’s best to give your flat iron a break. Check out how to straighten and smooth your hair with just your curling iron in this tutorial.

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