How to prevent breakage when flat ironing your hair

If you’ve ever experienced hair breakage, you know all too well that it can be discouraging – heartbreaking, even. To maintain healthy, gorgeous-looking hair, you need to develop good habits, especially when using a flat iron. Avoid spending months rehabbing your strands back to a renewed state with these preventative tips.
Using a flat iron is the quickest way to achieve straight, silky hair.
Like most products that deliver instant results, irresponsible use can cause dire consequences: like, say, turning your silky strands into straws that snap like twigs.
You no longer have to worry about these potential consequences. You’re about to be strapped with enough knowledge on how to avoid them for the foreseeable future.
- Oil-based hair serum
- Hair clips
- Blow dryer
- Paddle brush
- Heat protection spray
- Fine-tooth comb
- Flat iron
- Hair spray
1. Distribute an oil-based serum throughout your hair before you blow dry.
2. Clip away the top and middle sections of your hair.
3. Use your blow dryer and paddle brush to smooth out the back section of your hair.
4. Direct the nozzle to your roots and gradually move it down to your ends.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 throughout your entire head. Don’t be afraid to take your time with this step.
6. Blow dry the top portion of your hair in several directions to create more bounce and mobility at the root area.
7. Use the "cool shot" button on your blow dryer to smooth your strands further.
8. Prep your hair with the heat protection spray.
9. Use the fine-tooth comb in conjunction with your flat iron. This step will guarantee a silkier finish.
10. Prep each section of hair with heat protection as you continue the flat ironing process. If you intend to use several passes, consider lowering the temperature setting on your flat iron to minimize damage.
11. Use the hair spray and fine-tooth comb to perfect your style.
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