Grab a Sharpie and test out these 7+ trendy nail designs

It's hard to imagine that Sharpie markers can create beautiful nail art. Women spend hundreds of dollars every year to achieve all sorts of designs on their nails. Is it possible to achieve the same swirls, marbled effects and designs at home with Sharpie markers?
Believe it or not, some of these designs look pretty intricate -- but they're not difficult at all to duplicate. Achieve impressive results with some basic supplies you may already have in your medicine cabinet.
Sharpie watercolor
Yes, you can use Sharpie markers on your nails. And no, your nails will not look ridiculous. This beautiful watercolor design was made with Sharpie markers. Get the tutorial here.
Sharpie nails with glitter accent nails
Combine the look of glitter with marble-swirled nails. To achieve glitter accent nails, paint every other finger with glitter-embellished nail polish. Paint the remaining nails with Sharpie markers, swirling colors for a marbled effect.
Orange sharpie nails with gold accents
For a summer Sharpie nail with a little bling, paint nails with an orange Sharpie. Apply a topcoat for protection and shine. Add a gold bling accent to one nail on each hand.
Sharpie marble effect
Black, white and gold creates nails that are vibrant and bold. This Sharpie marble effect is raw and unique, and it's certain to draw attention to your nails. The shimmery gold accent highlights the black and white marble effect on the nails. Get the tutorial here.
Sharpie rainbow nails
Behold all the colors of the rainbow -- right on your nails! Fun and youthful, it's very easy to create this rainbow Sharpie nail art. Older children and teens can create this look with the help of an adult. Get the tutorial here.
Sharpie floral nails
Jump into the warmer seasons with these beautiful Sharpie floral nails. Surprise everyone when you show off your self-created nail art, as the end results look professional. Change up the colors of your Sharpies to change the colors of flowers. Get the tutorial here.
Metallic nails
Shiny and alluring, it's easy to achieve these silver metallic nails with pink, blue and purple accents. The silver color offers a mirror-like effect that highlight the colors of the Sharpie markers. This is a great look for school, an arts event or concert. Get the tutorial here.