60-year-old with long gray hair gets transformational makeover

You don't need to be a supermodel or a Kardashian to feel beautiful. Every girl (and guy) deserves to look and feel their best. Hello, 21st century! And of course, you also don't need to be a certain age. After all, age is simply a number.
Whether you are celebrating your sweet 16 or dancing around in your 80s, the makeover experience is for everyone. And thankfully, there are makeup gurus like Christopher Hopkins to make the magic happen.
Christopher Hopkins, also know as the "Makeover Guy" on YouTube, makes it a mission to uplift people's lives through beauty. He's known to wow his audiences with dramatic makeovers.
Meet the lovely Theresa from Manchester, Tennessee. She drove all the way north and waited through an entire pandemic!
She made an appointment when she was turning 60 last year and was curious what she would look like after a makeover.
When asked about her long gray hair, Theresa replies she hadn't had it this long since being a teenager. She adds, "Age has never bothered me."
Our verdict? You go Theresa! Thanks for empowering others out there with that line!
Christopher Hopkins and Theresa both liked the gray hair, so what was Hopkins going to do to take it to the next level? He focused in on a shorter, more modern look.
He writes, "A simple flipped inverted bob gave vertical assistance to a rounder face." In other words, the style would be completely different than the long locks!
But wait...Hopkins doesn't do just hair. He is a complete makeup guru. This means eyes, foundation, mascara, blush, powder, lashes, lips..the whole package.
How did Theresa feel everything went? "When you get a makeover and look like this, it just gives you so much self confidence."
"I was open to whatever he wanted to do. I was tickled to death with it. I love it!"
If that's not a 5-star review, we don't know what is.
Ready to see the full transformation? Check out the video below.

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