Put your manicure on the straight and narrow with colorful spring dots

Sometimes, minimalism makes the biggest impression. When your life is busy, you may want to simplify your surroundings, including your nail design. This soft pink manicure uses a sequence of colorful dots and gold studs to form a single vertical line down the center of the nail.
Since you’ll be using four different colors to form the center line, use the smallest dotting tool you can find. Space the colors far enough apart so the gel doesn’t run together, because you’ll cure it only after all four colors are laid down. After that, add some gold studs, and you’ll have a very subtle, but interesting look.
- Pale pink gel polish (Akzentz Luxio, "Blush")
- UV or LED lamp (Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp, not shown)
- Orange gel polish (Acegel, "92M")
- Small-tipped dotting tool
- Avocado green gel polish (Leafgel, "403")
- Tangerine gel polish (Leafgel, "166")
- Aqua gel polish (Presto, "122 Netto")
- No-wipe top coat (Kupa)
- 1mm gold studs
Fierce League
1. Apply one coat of pale pink gel polish, and cure it with the lamp.
2. Dip the small-tipped dotting tool into the orange gel polish, and apply three vertical dots on your nails. Space them apart, so you can add the remaining colors. Tip: Wipe off the dotting tool in-between steps.
3. Apply an avocado green dot near the tip of your nail and another one slightly above the first orange dot near your cuticle.
4. Apply a tangerine dot above the first green dot and another between the upper orange dots.
5. Paint an aqua dot at the very tip of the nail, and place another one between the uppermost orange and tangerine dots. Add one more aqua dot above the lowest tangerine dot, and cure the wet gel with the lamp.
6. Paint on a thin layer of no-wipe top coat, and place gold studs in the remaining gaps between the colored dots. Cure the wet gel with the lamp.
Stay pretty!

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