Long, full lashes and BB cream make the perfect combination

Need to get out the door fast but don’t want to head out bare faced? If you’ve got five to 10 minutes minutes for your morning makeup routine, then this is the tutorial for you. Instead of using foundation and concealer, which often require setting powder to achieve a flawless finish, BB cream, also known as beauty balm cream, gives skin a healthy, slightly tinted look that doesn’t require powdering.
The fastest way to draw attention to your eyes is to fill in your brows and apply mascara. Although the video shows the model curling her lashes after applying mascara, it’s best to do those steps in the reverse order. The wet pigment can stick to the eyelash curler and cause your lashes to break when you try to remove the curler. Give your cheeks and lips a kiss of color, and you’ll be ready for your day.
- Makeup primer (Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer)
- BB cream (Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF)
- Foundation brush
- Spoolie
- Eyebrow gel (AOA Studio Brow Gel, Caramel)
- Angled brow brush
- Pinky coral blush (Natasha Denona Mini Bloom Blush)
- Cheek brush
- Lash curler
- Black mascara (L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise)
- Pinkish nude lipstick (Milani, Nude Creme)
Fierce League
1. Apply primer to your face with your fingertips.
2. Even out your skin by applying BB cream with a foundation brush.
3. Groom your brows with the spoolie, and fill in missing hairs with eyebrow gel. Use an angled brow brush for precision.
4. Tap and swirl pinky coral blush onto the apples of your cheeks with a cheek brush.
5. Apply one or two coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes. The video shows the model curling her lashes after applying mascara. Because this can cause fragile eyelashes to break off, curl your lashes before applying mascara.
6. Apply pinkish nude lipstick to your lips.

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