Go retro with this vibrant 1960s striped nail art

Even though it can be fun to create themed nail art, sometimes a cute pattern is all that's required. Combining cute colors and shapes can allow you to take a manicure to the next level. You can easily create custom looks perfectly matched to your mood or your outfit.
If you're in the mood to create patterned nail art, look to the past for inspiration. Vintage wallpapers and fabrics hold the key to a whole new world of stunning nail designs. This 1960s-inspired look transforms plain nails into particularly beautiful ones. The retro color combination combined with groovy curved stripes makes the effect as cool as it is unique.
- Orly Gel FX in 'Cool in "California"
- Akzentz Hybrid Pro Gel Lamp (not shown)
- Leafgel 162
- Round brush
- Medium liner brush
- Presto 227 "Mandarino," 224 "Turchese," 228 "Senape"
- Akzentz gel play in black
- Long fine liner brush
- Kupa No Wipe Top Coat
Fierce League
1. Begin with a base color of two coats of baby pink gel. Cure by putting your nails under the gel lamp.
2. Use a round brush to apply a curly stripe of brighter pink gel polish from the tip of the nail toward the bottom. Use a medium liner brush to create a narrow end.
3. Apply a similar stripe of red gel polish to the right side of the pink stripe, and cure under the gel lamp.
4. Paint a stripe of orange gel around the base of the nail on the right side using a thin liner brush. Cure under the gel lamp.
5. Draw a curve of blue gel polish across the bottom left side of the nail. Cure under the gel lamp.
6. Fill in the gap between the pink and blue lines with red gel polish, and cure under the gel lamp once more.
7. Use a very thin liner brush and a black gel polish to outline all of the colored lines. Cure again under the gel lamp.
8. Finish the look with a layer of clear topcoat. Cure under the gel lamp for a final time.

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