This striped nail art is speedy and stunning

Nail art is a true joy. Having something fun and pretty to glance down at throughout the day has undeniable mood-boosting effects. And once you get started on your creative manicure journey, it can get pretty addictive, fast. There's just one problem — nail art can be hugely time-consuming. So what do you do if you're in a rush, but don't want to sacrifice your manicure?
Well, this tutorial may be the answer to your prayers. By going for a simple, striped effect, you can achieve a beautiful nail look that takes mere minutes to complete. You can customize your color options to complement any outfit, too!
- Leafgel 451 (Two coats base color)
- Leafgel 435, 305, 064, 067
- Presto 82 in Mesto
- Kupa No Wipe Top Coat
- Long liner brush
- Akzentz Hybrid-Pro lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Start with a base of two coats of baby pink gel polish. Cure under a lamp.
2. Using a long liner brush, apply stripes of pale lilac from the tip of your nail going downwards. Cure again.
3. Repeat the process with a pale aqua blue shade, then a warm primary yellow, then a deep royal blue and finally, a glittery gold. Cure between each shade.
4. Apply a layer of clear gel top coat to protect your nail art and add more shine. Cure for a final time.

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