Four easy steps to a natural looking tan on your face

Going for golden, but without the harsh UV rays or expensive tanning products? Include these simple steps in your makeup routine to add contour and color to your face.
This simple approach results in a natural, bronzed glow that is subtle, yet striking. Pair with a bold lip for your go-to summer look.
-Tarte double duty shape tape contour concealer
-Beauty sponge for blending
Fierce League
1. Moisturize your skin and apply foundation.
2. Apply contour concealer just below your hairline, under your cheek bones and along your jawline. Sucking in your cheeks will help to define your cheekbones and ensure a neat contour.
3. Blend contour with a beauty sponge using light, dabbing motions. Do this in an area with good lighting to make sure there are no hard lines or streaks.
4. Proceed with your makeup routine.

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