Go bold with this peacock feather nail art

If you're ever struggling with nail art inspiration, look to the natural world for a ton of cool ideas. The different colors and shapes Mother Nature has on offer can be jumping-off points for beautiful nail designs — especially the world of birds.
Many birds are blessed with majestic feathers, but none are quite so eye-catching as those of the peacock. Those intricate blue, green and gold tailfeathers are among the most stunning sights found in nature. The best part is you can copy the look easily on your fingertips.
- Presto gel polish in "82 Mesto"
- Akzentz Hybrid Pro gel lamp (not shown)
- Born Pretty gel in "River of Sorrow"
- Angel drawing gel in "Never Evergreen"
- Round brush
- Presto gel polish in "155 Guibilio"
- Longliner brush
- Gold transfer foil
- Kupa Matte and Shiny No Wipe Topcoat
Fierce League
1. Apply a base layer of purple gel polish. Cure by putting your nails under a gel lamp.
2. Apply a small dot of blue gel polish toward the bottom center of your nail.
3. Use a round brush to draw a circle of green polish around the blue dot. Extend the circle at either end to create a curved diamond shape, and cure under the gel lamp.
4. Outline both sides of the green shape using a longliner brush and metallic gold drawing gel.
5. With the same gold gel, draw a line from the design to the tip of your nail. Add extra gold lines coming off of this line to create a feathery effect.
6. Add a small semicircle of gold polish to the bottom of your original blue dot. Cure the gold designs under the gel lamp.
7. Press gold transfer gel across the gold paint to add more of a metallic finish.
8. Apply a shiny clear topcoat. For the nails without an accent, use a matte topcoat.
9. Cure for a final time under the gel lamp.

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