Fly free with this mood-changing feather manicure

Created in 1975, mood rings dazzled members of the "Me Decade" by inviting wearers to delve into their deeper feelings. A modern twist on the trend, this fly free, mood-changing feather manicure serves as a much-needed reminder to practice a little self-love.
Glossy black polish serves as the base for this look that features lavender glitter and bright shocks of color. In addition, the square-cut nail adds extra drama. Try this look the next time you want to show off your emotional side.
- Sofiglaze "Deep Black" (2 coats)
- Joyamia Thermochromatic ink (air dries)
- Pastel iridescent glitter "Lavender"
- Kupa non-wipe top coat
- Presto silver "153 Chiarezza"
- Small round brush
- Medium liner brush
- Small petal brush
- Fluffy eye shadow brush
- Skzentz hybrid pro gel lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Start by painting your nails with two coats of Sofiglaze "Deep Black." Note: This look works best with long, square-cut nails.
2. Apply S-curls of Joyamia Thermochromatic ink to your nail using a small petal brush. The pattern should cover all but the tip of your nail.
3. Tip Pastel iridescent glitter in "Lavender" over the nail, covering the gel paint.
4. Insert your hand into the Skzentz hybrid pro gel lamp to harden the polish.
5. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to sweep off the excess glitter.
6. Draw tiny lines of Presto silver in "153 Chiarezza" on the glittery part of your nail using a round brush. Then, draw a curved line extending from the top of the glitter to the tip of the nail. Finally, draw a line from the bottom of the glitter to the base of the nail.
7. Draw a line vertically through the middle of the glitter with the liner brush.
8. Draw lines up and down the vertical line, resembling the barbs of a feather. Add a few stray lines off the curved one at the top of the nail.
9. Cure with the gel lamp.
10. Apply a coat of Kupa non-wipe top coat.
11. Cure again with the Skzentz gel lamp.
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