Go girly with this super-cute pink eye shadow look

Is there any color in the world more joy-inspiring than pink? The uber-girly shade can bring happiness wherever you see it. And although it certainly has a firm place in the world of makeup, it tends to be mainly applied to the lips and cheeks. A pink eye shadow style may sound more daring — but it can actually be both wearable and adorable.
The key to a good pink eye shadow look is blending. By opting for fewer shades, you can ensure you don't end up looking too muddy. A solid bright matte pink will really make your lids stand out. And don't forget to highlight! Bringing light to your inner corner can make eyes appear bigger and brighter — plus ensure your pink look doesn't ever make your eyes look sore or irritated.
- NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer
- Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II
- Naked Cosmetics Loose Pigment
Fierce League
1. Prime your eyelids using a matte concealer applied with your fingertip.
2. Take a matte bright coral eye shadow (we used "Positivi-tea" from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II), and work into the crease using a fluffy brush.
3. Take a matte bright pink shadow (we used "Tipsy Girl" from the same palette), and apply it to your eyelid using the same brush.
4. Use a detailer brush to apply the pink shadow to your lower lash line.
5. Use the same detailer brush to apply a loose, champagne-colored shimmery pigment to the inner corner of your eye.
6. Finish the look with black mascara — or even add a strip lash for extra drama!

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