Light up a room with this neon feather nail art

The 1980s are famous for the Reagan administration, cassette tapes and everything neon. Bright and bold, these fluorescent shades appeared in a range of items from makeup to apparel, handbags to home decor. When it comes to fashion, everything old is new again, so it's no surprise that this neon feather nail art trend is back in a big way.
Bold black polish creates the perfect backdrop for this neon nail art. As a bonus, the style is completely customizable. Use the same shades on every nail or mix up the look based on your mood. We're confident that you'll feel like smiling whenever you glance down at your digits.
- black polish (base coat)
- Akzentz Gel Play white
- long liner brush
- comb brush
- Presto in '92 Con Sprito'
- Presto in '93 Con Energia'
- Pregel in 'Strawberry Drop'
- Bundle Monster in 'Grandiose'
- Kupa non wipe top coat
- Akzentz Hybrid Pro gel lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Start with nails painted with two coats of glossy black polish.
2. Draw a curved line from one side of your nail to the other using Akzentz Gel play white and a long liner brush.
3. Apply short strokes with Akzentz Gel play white on the top part of the nail above the curved line, using a comb brush. Then apply more strokes on the other side of the curved line. The bottom third of your nail should remain unpainted.
4. Insert your nails into the Akzentz Hybrid Pro gel lamp to cure the polish.
5. Apply short strokes of Presto in '92 Con Sprito' over the middle part of the white section.
6. Apply strokes of Presto in '93 Con Energia' to the bottom of the white part and on top of the yellow part.
7. Apply strokes of Pregel in 'Strawberry Drop' to the top of the white part of your nail and along the borders of the feather.
8. Paint the very tip of the nail with Bundle Monster in 'Grandiose.'
9. Insert your nails into the Akzentz Hybrid Pro gel lamp to cure the polish.
10. Paint your nails with Kupa non wipe top coat.
11. Insert your nails into the Akzentz Hybrid Pro gel lamp to cure the polish.
12. Experiment with different colors and patterns on each of your nails.

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