Take your nail art to the next level with this giant luna moth

One of the biggest restrictions faced in nail art is the fact that your canvas is always pretty small. Even if you have super long nails, you still don't end up with much drawing space to express yourself on. You probably feel that being limited to just the space at the tip of your finger prevents you from creating your best possible looks.
But this tutorial can help you break through these boundaries. By creating a giant piece of art that spans multiple nails, you'll open up a whole new world of space. And what better creation to place across multiple nails than the giant luna moth. They're majestic in nature and will look just as impressive across your fingertips.
- Sofiglaze gel polish in "Deep Black"
- Leafgel in "020"
- Rounded brush
- Akzentz Gel Play Paint in "White"
- Long liner brush
- Tiny dotting tool
- Kupa Matte Topcoat
- Akzentz gel lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Start by painting two layers of black gel polish for your base color. Cure under a gel lamp.
2. Use a rounded brush and an iridescent green gel polish to sketch out a wing shape across your three middle nails. Make sure to include the longer parts of the wing on your middle nail. Cure under the gel lamp.
3. Add an extra layer of green in any areas where your wing shape is looking too sheer. Cure again.
4. Use a thin liner brush and white drawing gel to add accents to the wing shapes. Outline and draw segments and dots over all three nails.
5. You can also add white accents to the rest of your nails. Create moon shapes with your thin liner brush, and use a tiny dotting tool to create patterns. Cure under the lamp.
6. Add a layer of matte topcoat, and cure under the lamp for a final time.

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