Take your nails to the next level with this prismatic dragonfly wing art

Having your nails done can be undeniably cheering. To look down at a freshly painted, bright and vibrant set of nails can add a hint of happiness throughout your day. And the best part? The nearly endless options you have available with nail art.
If you're struggling for inspiration, though, take a nod from nature for a great jumping-off point. Ever seen a dragonfly floating along on a summer breeze and noticed how their wings seem to catch the light just so? Well, with holographic transfer foil and a hint of ingenuity, you can mimic this stunning look on your nails. The best part? It'll cheer you up every time you catch a glimpse of your manicure.
- Fairyglo in 6704 and 6716
- Kupa no wipe gel top coat
- Princeton wide comb brush 1/4 inch
- Makartt Nail Art Foil Glue
- Iridescent transfer foil
- Gelish Foundation
- Akzentz Black Drawing Gel
- NPxMananails long liner brush
- Gel lamp
Fierce League
1. Start by filing your nails into the tapered shape of a dragonfly wing.
2. Apply a neon green gel polish to the bottom third of your nail.
3. Apply a neon blue gel polish above the green in the middle third of your nail.
4. Apply a clear gel polish to the tip of your nail.
5. Blend these three shades together using a wide comb brush, and cure your nails under a gel lamp.
6. Apply a layer of foil glue across the whole nail, then press on a sheet of iridescent transfer foil. Press the foil into the glue using a fingertip.
7. Peel off the transfer foil, and seal in place using a clear gel base coat. This will help your line work adhere better over the top of your foil.
8. Use a long liner brush to apply black gel polish around the cuticle and along the straight side of your nail.
9. Apply thin lines of black gel in an elongated, abstract grid pattern across the whole nail to mimic the look of a dragonfly wing.
10. Cure your nails under a gel lamp.
11. Apply a gel top coat to seal in the pattern, and cure your nails for a final time.

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