Bug out with this super-cute ladybug nail art

The natural world supplies an endless source of nail art inspiration. If you're ever struggling to come up with a cool design, look no farther than out the window. From leaves of trees to flower petals, to the changing tones of the sky, Mother Nature overflows with sights that translate beautifully onto the fingertips.
But one area of nature you may not have thought to explore is that of the insect world. While they can be a bit creepy and crawly, many bugs have stunning color plates and patterns — plus, their tiny size makes them perfect for nail art placement. If you're not convinced, then this adorable ladybug tutorial will surely change your mind.
- Presto speckled green gel in SC-249 (2 coats base color)
- Bundle Monster clear yellow gel in "Sunny Disposition" and clear green gel in "Mythic Sea"
- Princeton wide comb brush in 1/4 in 6.3mm
- Akzentz white, red and black drawing gel
- NPxMananails long liner brush
- 3d Attacker detail brush in "Gel Art-01"
- Kupa No Wipe Top Coat
Fierce League
1. For your base, apply two coats of green gel polish, and cure under a gel lamp.
2. Apply a layer of clear green gel polish to the bottom half of your nail and a layer of clear yellow gel to the top half. Blend the two with a comb brush to create an ombre effect. Cure again under the lamp.
3. Use a thin liner brush and a white drawing gel to create a leaf pattern up the center of the nail. Cure once more.
4. Use a detailer brush to create a small red circle toward the base of the nail. Cure under the lamp again.
5. With a black drawing gel and a liner brush, paint a head with antennae, plus a line and some dots on your red circle to create a ladybug. Cure again.
6. Draw two eyes on the ladybug's head using white paint and a liner brush. Cure under the gel lamp.
7. Finish by applying a clear topcoat across the whole nail and curing for one final time. This will seal in your work to make it last, plus give it a stunning shiny finish.

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