Get creepily cute with this jeweled spider nail art

When you think of a spider, their stunning aesthetics likely isn't the first thing to spring to mind. In fact, it's more probable that you're running across the room and hiding rather than stopping to admire their pleasing patterns of colors and shapes. But if you were brave enough to stop and take a look, you might actually be surprised by what you see.
Yep, the humble spider can actually be quite a thing of beauty. And what better way to pay homage to our arachnid friend than by immortalizing one in your nail art. This spider-inspired nail art tutorial is as cute as it is creepy — and if you scare some people off, then it's their loss!
- Presto turquoise gel in SC-54
- Kupa no wipe matte topcoat
- Crystal Katana wax pencil (for picking up crystals)
- Bigger and smaller dark red crystals
- NP x Mananails long liner brush
- Akzentz black drawing gel
- Akzentz gel lamp (not pictured)
Fierce League
1. Start by painting your nail a turquoise base color. Cure under a gel lamp.
2. Apply a matte topcoat across the whole nail, and cure again.
3. To the bottom right of your nail apply a small amount of topcoat again.
4. While this topcoat is still wet, use a wax pencil to pick up and place a smaller and a larger red crystal vertical to each other. Use a pointed tool to move them into place. When you're happy with the placement, cure again.
5. With a thin liner brush, apply a black drawing gel in lines going outward from the gems. These will be your spider's legs.
6. With the same black gel, add two small dots above the smaller red crystal. These will be your spider's pincers.
7. Cure a final time to set this detail in place.

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