Show off your painting skills with this 3D beetle nail art

The parameters of nail art are basically boundless. You can apply almost any style that you like to your nails to create a cute, fun or even freaky look. But sometimes it feels nice to get back to nail art basics with actual paint supplies. With a few choice shades and a steady hand, create the illusion of a three-dimensional object through the magic of art — and it makes for a truly entrancing nail look.
If you're not sure where to start with your nail painting journey, this beetle is a terrific jumping-off point. It's deceptively simple to create but looks intricate and skillful. If you thought a bug couldn't be beautiful, this look proves how wrong you are.
- Sofiglaze Gel in "Deep Black"
- Akzentz gel lamp (not shown)
- Kupa no wipe matte topcoat
- Joya Mia Thermochromatic Ink
- NP x Mananails long liner brush
- Akzentz white drawing gel
- Royal 9575 liner 5/0
- Gel Bottle Inc Thick No Wipe Top Gel in "Clear Rubber Top"
- Toothpick
Fierce League
1. Start by painting a black base color on your nail. Cure by putting your hand into the gel lamp.
2. Add a matte topcoat to the nail, and cure in the gel lamp once more.
3. Use a thermochromatic ink and a thin liner brush to draw a teardrop shape in the center of your nail. This ink does not cure — it air dries — but it may be helpful to dry it with a hair dryer or heater to speed up the process.
4. Add another layer of matte topcoat over the dried thermochromatic ink, and cure under the gel lamp.
5. Using a liner brush, add an outline of a head and body, a line down the center of the body, plus legs and pincers around the ink body to create a beetle. Cure again under the gel lamp.
6. Apply a large droplet of thick, clear topcoat over the body of the beetle with a toothpick. This will give it the 3D effect.
7. Cure under the gel lamp for a final time.

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