Need a pick-me-up? Think pink

If you love bold eye makeup looks but dread looking like you’re running a fever, you may be hesitant about trying the pink and berry trend. Pink can make you look sickly, especially when applied incorrectly, but this tutorial will help you pull off this romantic look.
First, disregard the notion that your eye area needs to be entirely one shade. By layering darker colors over lighter ones, you’ll create dimension and drama. Using soft gold on the center of the lid brightens the look, and false lashes help define the eye without the need for dark liner.
Are you ready? You can do this!
- Hydrating mist (Caudalie Beauty Elixir)
- Folding fan (optional)
- Pore refining facial serum (Caudalie Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Serum)
- Makeup primer (Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer, Blurring)
- Liquid foundation (Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation)
- Beauty sponge
- Concealer (Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer)
- Loose translucent setting powder (Laura Mercier)
- Contour powder (Kat Von D Kitten Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo)
- Fluffy cheek brush
- Rose blush (Bare Minerals, Beauty)
- Angled cheek brush
- Eye shadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion, Original)
- Matte fuchsia eye shadow (Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II, Lolli Mama)
- Blending brush
- Matte reddish pink eye shadow (Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II, Dance Party)
- Matte berry eye shadow (Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II, Stay True)
- Soft gold loose pigment (Naked Cosmetics)
- Pencil brush
- Shadow liner brush
- Dark fuchsia eye pencil (Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On, Woodstock)
- False eyelashes (not shown)
- Tweezers (not shown)
- Lash glue (not shown)
- Black mascara (not shown)
- Nude lipstick (Tarte Sea Color Splash Lipstick, Rum Punch)
- Nude lip gloss (Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream, Totally)
Fierce League
1. Spritz your face with hydrating mist, and wave the fan near it to help the mist dry faster.
2. Pat and press a dime-sized amount of facial serum onto the oil-prone areas of your face, such as your T-zone, with your fingers.
3. Apply makeup primer to your face with your fingers.
4. Apply liquid foundation to your skin with a damp beauty sponge.
5. Brighten the area under your eyes by applying concealer with the applicator wand. Press the product into your skin with the damp beauty sponge.
6. Set the concealer by pressing loose powder below your eyes with the damp sponge.
7. Define your cheeks by applying contour powder below the cheekbones with a fluffy brush. Sucking in your cheeks will help you locate the hollow, so you can place the color properly.
8. Restore color to your cheeks by patting rose blush on them with an angled cheek brush. Apply the product from the center of your cheek outward toward the hairline in a diagonal direction toward the top of your ear. Swirl the brush to blend away any harsh edges.
9. Pat eye shadow primer onto your eyelids with your ring finger. Wait a few seconds before applying eye shadow.
10. Use a blending brush to darken the outer and inner corners of the lid as well as the crease of the eye with matte fuchsia eye shadow.
11. Buff matte reddish pink eye shadow onto the corners of the lid, and sweep the color along the crease.
12. Intensify the inner and outer corners of the lid with matte berry eye shadow.
13. Pat soft gold loose pigment onto the center of the lid.
14. Apply fuchsia eye shadow below your lower lashes with a pencil brush.
15. Press berry eye shadow up against your lower lashes with a shadow liner brush.
16. Fill in your lower waterline with dark fuchsia pencil eyeliner.
17. Hold the false lashes with the tweezers, and apply a small amount of lash glue onto the lash band. Let the glue set for 10 seconds before applying the lashes just above your upper lashes.
18. Apply black mascara to your lower lashes.
19. Apply nude lipstick to your lips, and top them off with a coat of nude lip gloss.

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