Give your French fade a touch of shimmer with this simple product

The French tip manicure has achieved cult status over the years because it looks polished yet professional. In the traditional version, the nail is primarily pink with a white tip. If you love the simplicity of this classic style but crave a little extra sheen, try adding iridescent chrome powder.
If you’ve never used this shine-inducing wonder, you’re in for a treat. The application technique is easy to master even if you’re just learning to do your nails. Start by painting a two-tone base with nude and white gel polish. To eliminate any telltale lines where the colors meet up, drag a comb brush through the wet gel before curing it with the lamp. Applying the chrome powder is quick and easy when you use a sponge eye shadow applicator.
- Nude nail gel (Clou Beauté, N09)
- Milky white nail gel (Vishine, 1346)
- Comb brush
- LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- No-wipe top coat (Cheri)
- Iridescent chrome powder (Nicole Diary)
- Sponge eye shadow applicator
Fierce League
1. Apply nude nail gel on one-third of your nail, starting near the cuticle.
2. Apply milky white nail gel from the middle of your nail to the tip.
3. Use the comb brush to drag the nude gel into the center of your nail to create a gradual shift in color.
4. Cure the wet gel with the LED lamp.
5. Layer a second coat of white gel onto your nail, covering approximately two-thirds of it.
6. Use the comb brush once more to blend the white gel over the nude gel.
7. Cure the wet gel again with the LED lamp.
8. Seal the colored gel with a layer of no-wipe top coat, and then cure it with the lamp.
9. Dip the sponge eye shadow applicator into the iridescent chrome powder, then apply it to your nail in gentle, pressing motions.
10. Complete your manicure by applying another layer of top coat and curing it with the lamp.
Stay pretty!

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