Make the most of spring’s pastel hues with this lavender French fade

As the last days of winter approach, you’re probably looking forward to sunny days and new spring opportunities. Pastel colors always make an appearance in the season of renewal, and French tips can easily be modified to accommodate cheerful hues, especially purple.
Since an opaque purple tip might seem too bold for a subtle fade, translucent lavender fits in perfectly. Start by painting part of your nail with translucent nude gel, and then paint the tip with an equally translucent lavender shade. Blur the line between the two colors to give the fade a seamless result, and you’ll have a unique manicure for any springtime occasion.
- Translucent nude nail gel (Born Pretty, Caged Bird)
- Translucent lavender nail gel (FairyGlo, 6715)
- Comb brush
- LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- No-wipe top coat (Cheri)
Fierce League
1. Starting near the cuticle, paint one-third of your nail with nude nail gel.
2. Paint the remainder of the nail with lavender nail gel, starting at the nail tip.
3. Use the comb brush to drag the nude gel into the lavender to create a subtle shift in color.
4. Cure the wet gel with the LED lamp.
5. Repeat steps 1-4.
6. Protect the colored polish by applying a layer of no-wipe top coat over it.
7. Cure the wet gel with the LED lamp once more.
Stay pretty!

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