These kiwi nail tips are a fun twist on the classic manicure

When it comes to nail art, French tips are an absolute classic. There's something so polished and elegant about the style — but it isn't the most exciting look that exists.
Jazzing up nail tips can be an effective way to introduce color to your nail art. By focusing on the ends of your nails, you can introduce bold and exciting designs in a subtle, understated way. You can even play with texture by adding velvet powders and various topcoats. This look, inspired by the humble kiwi fruit, is super-cute, understated and, of course, totally delicious.
- Cheri No Wipe Topcoat
- Born Pretty white gel in Day
- Short round brush
- Clou Beaute warm brown gel in N13
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
- Small plastic palette
- Canni Gel in Black 613 and Neon Yellow 602
- Venalisa neon green gel in 1605
- Shany Diy Velvet Flocking powder in orange
- Tweezers
- Extreme Post-It Note or other small square of paper
- Medium liner brush
- Dotting tool
- Small cloth
Fierce League
1. Apply white gel polish to the tips of your nails in a curved shape with a small brush.
2. Apply a warm brown gel polish to the half of your nail not covered by white with a medium liner brush. Cure the nail under a gel lamp.
3. On the paper, place yellow and green gel polish next to each other. Mix the two shades in the middle to gain a spectrum of yellow and green shades. Do the same for the green gel polish and black gel polish.
4. Apply yellow close to the tip of your nail using a liner brush. Below it, apply a mixture of yellow and green, blending into the yellow. Toward the bottom of the white area, apply the green gel.
5. Blend all three shades to achieve an ombre effect. Once you're happy with the effect, cure with the Lumicrissy lamp.
6. Add more green and yellow to your nail tips to intensify the color. Cure with the Lumicrissy lamp.
6. Use black gel to draw faint lines from the edge of the white area to the nail tip. Cure again under the Lumicrissy lamp.
7. Add white lines between the black ones using a thin liner brush.
8. Add black dots toward the white tip of your nail with a dotting tool, and cure again with the Lumicrissy lamp.
9. Apply a clear gel topcoat across your whole nail and cure under the Lumicrissy lamp.
10. Apply a second layer of clear topcoat just to the lower, warm brown portion of your nail. While it's still wet, use tweezers to apply orange velvet flocking powder to this section of the nail.
11. Cure under the Lumicrissy lamp, and brush away excess powder with the cloth.

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