These cat-eye French tips are subtle but stunning

Nail art is a creative way to introduce some fun and playfulness back to your makeup routine. Adding different colors, finishes and designs to your fingertips is undeniably cheering, but sometimes going all out with a wacky, vibrant nail choice just isn't right. For times where you need to look more subtle and understated, nail art options exist.
The French manicure is an absolute classic for a reason. By re-creating its basic design, you can enjoy a whole world of nail tip art that's far more subtle than covering the whole nail. This holographic, cat-eye, French tip manicure, which sits on a nude nail base, is completely out of this world.
- Elite99 Black Drawing Gel in 5604
- Born Pretty Cat Eye Gel in Grand Canyon
- Cat Eyes magnet
- Gelish Top It Off
- Short liner brush
- Angled brush
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
Fierce League
1. Apply black gel polish to the entire edge of the nail that extends beyond your finger using an angled brush. It should taper on the sides.
2. Cure the black gel under the Lumicrissy gel lamp.
3. Use a short liner brush to put a gold-toned cat-eye gel polish across the black tips.
4. Hold the magnet over one side of your nail for a few seconds. You should see a subtle change in the nail polish.
5. Cure the polish under the Lumicrissy gel lamp.
6. Repeat the process with the cat-eye polish on the other side of your nail, creating a mirrored pattern.
7. Cure again under the Lumicrissy gel lamp.
8. Apply a clear gel top coat across the entire nail, curing for a final time under the Lumicrissy gel lamp.

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