Learn to create a negative-space eye makeup look in shimmering aqua blue

Want to push the makeup envelope? Take your lining skills to the next level, and create a negative-space aqua blue makeup look with a combination of bright blue eye pencil and metallic blue eye shadow. Negative-space manicures have been popular for some time, and now makeup artists are bringing the trend to the face.
With a negative-space look, you typically adhere tape to your lids, so you can fill in the rest of the space and leave one part blank. For this style, use aqua blue eye shadow on the inner and outer corners of your lid, and outline with bright blue. Patting ivory shimmer shadow onto the aqua gives the look a brighter negative effect without adhesive or tape. Finish your makeup with fluffy lashes for a head-turning, conversation-starting look.
- Eye shadow primer (P.Louise Base, Shade 2)
- Concealer brush
- Bronzer (Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer, Park Ave Princess)
- Blending brush
- Aqua eye shadow (Violet Voss PRO Flamingo Palette, Oceanfront)
- Shading brush
- Bright blue eye crayon (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Cobalt)
- Fine-tipped eyeliner brush
- Metallic blue eye shadow (ColourPop She’s A Rainbow Palette, Right Tempo)
- Short-bristled shading brush
- Eye shadow brush
- Ivory shimmer eye shadow (Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette, Trust Issues)
- False eyelashes
- Tweezers
- Lash glue (not shown)
- Makeup primer (Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer)
- Base makeup (The Ordinary Coverage Foundation)
- Foundation brush
- Concealer (Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer)
- Buffing brush
- Setting powder (Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder, Banana Bread)
- Dense powder brush
- Fluffy brush
- Cheek brush
- Peachy-pink blush (NARS Blush, Super Orgasm)
- Brow gel (Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, 3.5)
- Nude lip pencil (NYX Slide On Lip Pencil, Nude Suede Shoes)
Fierce League
1. Apply eye shadow primer to your entire eye and below your lower lashes with a concealer brush.
2. Sweep bronzer along the crease of your eyelid with a blending brush.
3. Pat aqua eye shadow onto the outer upper corner of your lid and around the tear duct with the shading brush. Extend the shadow slightly beyond the outer corner in a triangular shape. You’ll outline this area in step 6.
4. Fill in your waterline with bright blue eye crayon. Press additional product below your lower lashes, and use a fine-tipped eyeliner brush to create a thin wing at the outer corner.
5. Line your upper lash line with the same color.
6. Use the short-bristled shading brush to outline the aqua shadow with metallic blue eye shadow. Outline only the outer corner and the crease up to the middle of your iris. Softly blend the edges with an eye shadow brush.
7. Layer ivory shimmer eye shadow over the aqua blue with the eye shadow brush.
8. Hold the false lashes with the tweezers, and put a small amount of lash glue onto the lash band. Let the glue set for 10 seconds, and apply the lashes just above your upper lashes.
9. To ensure the base makeup applies smoothly, pat and press makeup primer into your skin.
10. Apply base makeup to your skin with a foundation brush. Apply the product in downward strokes and stippling motions to prevent brush marks.
11. Cover darkness under your eyes with light-colored concealer. Apply it to the center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, outside the corners of your nose and on your chin. Press the product into your skin with a buffing brush.
12. Prevent the concealer from creasing during the day by pressing setting powder into your skin with a dense powder brush. Set the under-eye area as well as the forehead and T-zone. Sweep off excess powder with a fluffy brush.
13. Swirl bronzer onto the tops of your cheekbones as well as your temples and nose with a cheek brush.
14. Pat and blend peachy-pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks with the cheek brush.
15. Brush brow gel through your brows to groom them and fill in missing hairs.
16. Line your lips, and fill them in completely with a nude lip pencil.

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