Noteworthy makeup tips everyone should know

Getting ready to face the world can be challenging, especially when you're dealing with dry, cracked lips or thinning hair. Luckily, there are a host of ways to make preparing for your day easier. The first includes using products in innovative ways for which you might think they're unsuited.
Sleeping masks, whether for your face or your lips, are typically used in the evening, but beauty lovers know that's just a guideline. Likewise, eye shadow can cover up a bare spot in your hairline with ease. Read on for a few more tips, from moisturizing, priming, toning to using sunscreen and body lotion.
Use a sleeping mask on your lips while you're getting ready
Sleeping masks are a staple in most K-beauty routines because they hydrate the skin overnight. Lip masks are just as important, but you probably haven't thought about using them during the daytime. While you're getting ready for your day, hydrate your lips with a lip sleeping mask. It will eliminate flakes and pamper your pout, so you can apply your favorite lip color smoothly.
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Give your moisturizer and primer ample time to absorb into your skin
Your life is busy, but giving your moisturizer or makeup primer adequate time to absorb before applying the next product yields the best results. Apply your products, and then do something else (like your eye makeup) while the hydrating and priming products set. Your skin will feel less sticky, and your skin will be a better canvas for your makeup.
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Use hydrating or pH balancing toner after cleansing
A skin care routine doesn't need to be lengthy to be effective. Toner can serve many purposes. It can balance your skin's pH level, remove cleanser residue, and hydrate the skin. Sweep a toner-soaked cotton pad over your skin, or simply pour some toner into your hand and pat it in gently.
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Moisturize after rinsing with cold water
After cleansing your skin, it's always a good idea to rinse with tepid or cool water. It calms the skin and tightens the pores. Thick products, like moisturizer, don't absorb when the skin is warm; they melt and slide around, so cool your skin down first to maximize absorption.
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Don’t use SPF if you’re going to have your photo taken
Have you ever noticed that white cast your skin has when you apply sunscreen? It's probably caused by titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are common ingredients in physical sunscreen products. While great for sun protection, they can make you look super-pale in photographs.
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Apply baby oil gel or lotion for smoother skin
While you're waiting for your facial moisturizer or makeup primer to dry, show your body a little love. Skin gets dry all over, especially in warmer weather, so pick a product that provides hydration all day. Baby oil gel isn't just for babies, so slather it on from head to toe. If you need more moisture, opt for lotion with a pump dispenser. The product will be thicker than the gel but thinner than cream.
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Touch up bald or bare spots with root cover-up or eye shadow
If your hair is thinning, especially near your face, fill in bald or bare spots with whatever you have on hand. Root products designed to cover up gray hair also mask thinning areas. If you don't have a dedicated hair product, grab an eye shadow palette out of your makeup drawer and apply the shade closest to your hair color to the thin area.
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