Get sparkly with these sequinned strawberry nails

If you're a fan of nail art, it's likely you've experimented with a few different materials in your time, but sequins may be the most underrated in your arsenal. Not only are they pretty and sparkly, but their different shapes also mean they can be used in far more creative ways.
Take this tutorial, for example. By choosing the right shapes and colors, you can use sequins to create unique and beautiful patterns on your nails. This strawberry-inspired look proves just that.
- Gelish Mini in Light Elegance
- Red heart glitter
- Green star glitter
- Multicolored hologram sequins in different sizes
- Wooden skewer
- Gelish Top It Off
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Start with a base layer of pale pink gel, and dry your nails using the gel lamp. Add a second coat to make it more opaque, and dry it again under the lamp.
2. Apply a layer of clear gel topcoat.
3. While the topcoat is still wet, use the skewer to apply sequins to your nail. Start with red heart-shaped sequins to represent the strawberries.
4. Apply green star sequins to the tops of the hearts to look like leaves.
5. Apply circular holographic sequins among the strawberry shapes to add more dimension to your nails.
6. Once you've placed all the sequins, cure your nails under the gel lamp.
7. Apply another coat of gel top coat to seal in the sequins and create a smooth surface to the nail. Cure again under the gel lamp.

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