Show off your painting prowess with this banana nail art

In recent years, nail art has really taken the world by storm. It seems there's no end to the things you can stick to your nails to create intricate and stunning-looking fingertips. But it's also worth remembering that you can achieve stunning nail effects by going back to basics and just using paints to create art.
Keeping it simple can be an effective way to achieve effective nail art designs, and this banana proves just that. By using complementary colors and a fine detailer brush, you can create a hyperrealistic image simply using nail polish.
- Kupa No Wipe Matte Top Coat
- Born Pretty gel in Day
- Perfect Summer Clear Gels in 008 (Dark Green), 011 (Dark Brown)
- Cheri No Wipe Top Gel
- Young Nails Mission Control Gels in Clutch, Overdrive and Solar
- Misscheering Silver Gel in 01
- Long liner brush
- Short round brush
- Gelish Clear Builder Gel
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
Fierce League
1. Start with a matte white base coat on all nails.
2. Use a liner brush to paint a yellow banana shape on the center of one accent nail. Cure using a gel lamp.
3. Add dimension to the sides of the banana shape with more of the yellow.
4. Apply a tiny amount of dark green to either end of the banana, blending down into the mustard yellow. Cure under the lamp.
5. Use a very thin liner brush to apply dark brown in an outline around the edge of the banana shape. You can also add lines and dots to the middle of the banana to imitate spots. Cure under the lamp.
6. Apply a layer of gel top coat to just the banana to give it a three-dimensional look, and cure the nail under the lamp.
7. Draw a strip over the banana shape and onto the nail on either side using silver metallic polish, so it looks like duct tape. Cure under the lamp.
8. Apply a matte topcoat to the whole nail and cure under the lamp.
9. Finish by applying a shiny gel top coat to just the banana and curing the nail under the lamp.

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