This red matte manicure will bring style and sizzle to your daily routine

Every wonder why human beings are naturally attracted to anything shiny and glossy? According to an article by Mother Nature Network, the answer is "it's science." Multiple studies have shown that our brains associate all things glittery with water, which our bodies need to survive. So, it's no surprise that this red matte manicure with iridescent add-ons is a top choice among nail art fans.
Featuring a maroon matte polish, this look gets an extra burst of fun thanks to the addition of glitter flakes and silver string gel. Because it uses gel polish instead of regular, you don't have to worry about the color chipping halfway through your shift or study session. Get the secrets to the style below.
- Ai Fer silver string gel in 006
- Perfect Summer clear red gel in 002
- KUPA Gelfinity Matte Gel Top
- Iridescent flakes
- Toothpick
- Eye shadow applicator
- Lumcrissy gel lamp
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of Perfect Summer clear red gel in 002 to your nails. Insert your hands into the Lumcrissy gel lamp after each coat to cure.
2. Place iridescent flakes on the center of each nail using an eye shadow applicator. Then, cover your nails with KUPA Gelfinity Matte Gel Top.
3. Cure with the Lumcrissy gel lamp.
4. Using a toothpick, wrap strands of Ai Fer silver string gel in 006 around each nail. The strands should lie in both directions and resemble a spiderweb.
5. Cure with the Lumcrissy gel lamp.

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