These red mirror nails are the perfect date night accessory

If you're a nail art fanatic, it's likely there aren't many things you haven't tried. From different colors to decals to paint patterns, you've probably done it all. In fact, it can be too easy to start to feel a bit jaded with the nail art options out there.
But this look could be just the inspiration you need. By introducing a chrome mirror powder into your nail routine, you can open up a whole new world of possibility. These nails are simple but make a huge impact and are the perfect touch for a romantic date.
- Born Pretty Gel Polish in "Crazy Red"
- Cheri No Wipe Top Coat
- Red chrome mirror powder
- Eye shadow applicator
- Lumcrissy gel lamp
Fierce League
1. Paint each nail with a base color of red gel polish.
2. Apply a gel top coat, and cure your nails under the lamp.
3. Buff the red chrome mirror powder onto your nails with an eye shadow applicator.
4. Apply another layer of gel top coat. Cure once more.
5. Finish with an optional silver heart charm on your ring finger for some extra drama.

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