Feeling crafty? Washi tape makes a great addition to a polka dot manicure

Craft supplies can be a creative source of inspiration, especially when used as nail art. Instead of using stickers or line tape, this nail design features a decorative type of Japanese masking tape. Washi tape comes in hundreds of designs, and it’s particularly suited to nail art because of its durability.
Working with washi tape is simple. Just cut strips of paper off the roll, and lay them across the tips of your nails. Sealer gel helps keep the paper in place, and the washi tape’s natural fibers, often bamboo or hemp, protect your nail tip better than ordinary polish. Just apply the tape, add a few round iridescent glitter dots, and enjoy a playful spring manicure that will last for weeks.
- Translucent yellow nail gel (FairyGlo 6713)
- LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- Polka dot washi tape
- Sharp scissors
- Sealer nail gel (Gelish Top It Off)
- Toothpick
- Round iridescent glitter dots in multiple sizes
- Nail file
- Alcohol-soaked cotton square
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of translucent yellow nail gel, and cure it between coats with the LED lamp.
2. Use the scissors to snip a 2-inch section of washi tape off the roll. Lay the strip diagonally across the tip of your nail, and cut off the excess.
3. Coat the entire nail with sealer nail gel.
4. Press the tip of the toothpick against the wet gel. The tacky surface will make it easier to pick up a single dot of glitter. Place multiple glitter rounds onto the nail as desired, and then cure the gel with the lamp.
5. File the nail to eliminate any rough edges or washi paper.
6. Wipe down the nail surface with an alcohol-soaked cotton square.
7. Apply sealer gel to your nail, and cure the gel with the lamp once more.
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