Switch up your French manicure by going for angular red tips

For many of us, our first forays into the world of nail art began with the simple French manicure. Opting for a nude nail with a white tip might be a little dated now, but back in the day, it was the epitome of sophisticated cool.
We still hold a place for it in our hearts. And if you do, too, then this nail art could be for you. It's inspired by the classic French manicure but has a modern twist, so you can give a nod to the style of yore while still looking to the future.
- Born Pretty translucent nude in Miss Coco
- Lumcrissy gel lamp (not shown)
- Biutee Red Drawing Gel
- Longliner brush
- Square flat brush
- Gelish Top It Off
Fierce League
1. Apply a nude base shade to the entire nail, and dry nails under a gel lamp.
2. Put a small dot in opaque red gel at the center of the top of the nail.
3. Using a longliner brush, draw a line in opaque red gel from the dot to a point about halfway down the nail. Repeat on the other side of the nail.
4. Use a square flat brush to fill in the space with the same red gel.
5. Dry the red gel polish using a gel lamp.
6. Apply a clear gel topcoat to the entire nail to ensure the manicure lasts.
7. Dry once more with the gel lamp.

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