Learn to use an ordinary household item to create this bubble art manicure

When painting your nails, you were probably taught to use thin layers of polish to prevent bubbles from forming and marring the finish. Who would’ve ever dreamed that bubbles would be precisely the goal? As trends in manicures evolve, so do finishes and textures. The bubble art design is a good example of that evolution.
Start by creating an ombré finish with black and gray polish. Next, rub iridescent chrome pigment powder onto the smooth nail. The magic comes in the final step, and you’ll be surprised to learn that ordinary household foaming hand soap is involved. Watch the following video, and give this a try.
- Black nail gel (Born Pretty, Night)
- Gray nail gel (Clou Beauté, 2047)
- Comb brush
- LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- No-wipe top coat (Cheri)
- Disposable sponge eye shadow applicator
- Iridescent chrome pigment powder (Nicole Diary)
- Foaming hand soap (Method)
Fierce League
1. Paint two-thirds of your nail with black gel, starting at the cuticle.
2. Coat the tip with gray nail gel, and use the comb brush to blur the two colors together, creating an ombré effect.
3. Cure the wet gel with the LED lamp.
4. Apply a layer of no-wipe top coat, and cure it with the LED lamp.
5. Dip the eye shadow applicator into the iridescent chrome pigment powder, and rub it against the entire nail.
6. Seal in the design with another layer of no-wipe top coat.
7. While the gel is still wet, pump a thick layer of foaming hand soap onto the nail.
8. Cure the gel and the soap with the lamp.

Nail tools can make a big difference in the finished design. Watch these tutorials for tips on using sponges.
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