Create a DIY vanilla rose oil to keep your cuticles soft and healthy

A professional manicurist knows that caring for your hands involves more than just paying attention to your nails. The skin around the nails, and the cuticles in particular, come in contact with substances that can zap moisture and lead to cracked skin. Hand lotion can only do so much, but adding cuticle oil to your routine will make a world of difference.
Nails and skin love jojoba oil, so use it as a base for this DIY recipe. Sweet almond oil smells lovely. It also hydrates and soothes ravaged skin. Add a few crushed rose buds to the mix, too. These combined ingredients have emollient properties and will minimize inflammation. When used regularly, your DIY cuticle oil will make even your nails look shinier.
- Small dish
- Dried rosebuds
- Tweezers
- Scissors
- Organic jojoba oil (Cliganic)
- Organic sweet almond oil (Natures Leaf)
- Empty nail polish bottle
- Miniature funnel
- Eyedropper (optional, but recommended)
- Vanilla essential oil (Fabulous Frannie)
Fierce League
1. Place a few dried rosebuds into a glass dish.
2. Hold a bud with tweezers to keep it from moving, then snip the petals into small pieces with the scissors.
3. Transfer the loose petal pieces to the empty nail polish bottle. Tip: If you have trouble getting the petals into the bottle, push them in with the tweezers.
4. Fill two-thirds of the bottle with equal amounts of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Use the funnel and an eyedropper for precision.
5. Add several drops of vanilla essential oil to the mixture. Tip: Don’t fill the bottle entirely, or it will be difficult to blend the ingredients.
6. Insert the polish brush into the bottle, and close it tightly. Shake the bottle to combine the ingredients.
7. Brush the oil mixture onto your cuticles, and massage it into your skin.

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