Look sharp with this shattered glass stripe nails style

Studies show that women in the workplace often get less credit than their male counterparts. While it may be uncomfortable to toot your own horn in professional settings, the clothing and accessories you wear can have a positive effect on your confidence and self-esteem. That's where this shattered glass stripe manicure comes in.
Although this look features a pale pink base, the addition of a vertical cellophane stripe gives it a razor-sharp edge. Try this style the next time you have a presentation or job interview and want to make a strong impression.
- Born Pretty clear pink gel in "Flower Wedding"
- Nicole Diary rhinestones
- Iridescent cellophane-glass paper
- Gelish Top It Off
- Scissors
- Tweezers
- Lumcrissy gel lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Coat your clean, dry fingernails with Born Pretty clear pink gel in "Flower Wedding."
2. Insert your hand into the Lumcrissy gel lamp until your nails dry.
3. Cut a piece of iridescent cellophane-glass paper into stripes.
4. Apply a layer of Gelish Top It Off to your nails.
5. Using your tweezers, apply a strip of cellophane vertically in the center of your nail.
6. Trim off the end of the cellophane with your scissors.
7. Cure the gel with the Lumcrissy lamp.
8. Apply another coat of Gelish Top It Off.
9. Place a Nicole Diary rhinestone at the top and bottom of the cellophane strip.
10. Cure the gel with the Lumcrissy lamp.

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