Pretty, pretty princess shattered diamond manicure

Diamonds are one of the most desirable stones in the world, and with good reason. When women wear this ultra-luxurious gem, they feel beautiful and special. While most of us can't afford to wear one diamond ring — let alone one on each finger — even the tightest of budgets can likely accommodate this princess shattered diamond manicure.
Boasting a soft, iridescent purple base, this nail look gets some extra oomph from the addition of cellophane paper and optional rhinestones. Try this look the next time you're heading to the club or venturing out on a first date.
- Gelish Top It Off
- Born Pretty gel in "Top of Firmament"
- Vishine milky white gel in 1346
- Iridescent cellophane-glass paper
- Lumcrissy gel lamp (not shown)
- Scissors
Fierce League
1. Coat your nails with Vishine milky white gel in 1346.
2. Without waiting for the paint to dry, cover the left two-thirds of the nail with a coat of Born Pretty gel in "Top of Firmament."
3. Place your hand into the Lumcrissy lamp to cure the gel.
4. Coat the remaining third of your nail with more Vishine milky white gel in 1346.
5. Add more Born Pretty gel in "Top of Firmament" to the left side of your nail.
6. Use the Lumcrissy lamp to dry your nails.
7. Cut small, short strips of iridescent cellophane-glass paper with scissors.
8. Lay the strips of paper all over your nail.
9. Use the Lumcrissy lamp to dry your nails.
10. Paint your nails with Gelish Top It Off.
11. Use the Lumcrissy lamp to dry your nails.
12. Add rhinestones or other embellishments if desired.

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