Cut up some cellophane and copy these nail ideas

Creating beautiful nail art can be a real joy. Looking down at perfectly painted tips can make everyday life a bit more exciting — and if you go for something artistic, you're bound to get compliments, too. But for some of us, coming up with fresh and new nail art ideas can be tricky, and a lack of inspiration can kill your creativity.
Bringing in fresh materials can be an excellent way to up your nail art game. One that's surprisingly versatile and pretty is cellophane. You can incorporate sheets or iridescent plastic into your nail looks in a variety of ways. Here's a selection of some of our favorites.
Broken glass
Pressing cellophane sheets over a fully painted nail can give a stunning effect. Start with a bold base color, then go for angled shards to create a broken glass design. Add in extra gemstones to up the drama. Get the tutorial here.
Stained glass
Cellophane can be used to create a beautiful stained glass effect. Start with a dark base color to help the iridescence really stand out. After applying your cellophane pieces, use a detailer brush to add thin metallic lines between the cellophane pieces to create a windowpane effect. Get the tutorial here.
Broken glass geometric French
A French manicure is a classic look, but adding in iridescent cellophane can give it a modern update. After painting nails with a clear coat, fill in the tips with geometric dark edges, then press the cellophane over top for maximum shine. Experiment with different shapes for a fun, asymmetrical finish. Get the tutorial here.
Iridescent inferno
An ombre nail is always eye-catching, but adding cellophane can help your nail design dramatically stand out from the crowd. Once you've created your perfect faded base shade, use flame-shaped cellophane pieces to add another layer of interest. Don't forget to seal with a topcoat for maximum shine and longevity. Get the tutorial here.
Glassy sky
Creating a cloudy sky for your nails is stunning, and adding extra embellishments makes the look even more impressive. Once you've created your base by blending shades of white and blue, add star-shaped iridescent cellophane pieces at random. You can take the look a step further, using golden star embellishments, too. Get the tutorial here.
Princess shattered diamond
If you want to wear your jewelry on your fingertips, this is the look for you! After creating a royal blue base, use sheets of holographic cellophane to accentuate the whole nail. You can then choose an accent nail and apply a gemstone in a corresponding tone. Get the tutorial here.
Shattered glass stripe nails
If a full iridescent look is a little bit out there for you, you can incorporate cellophane sheets in a more subtle way too. After applying a soft pink base shade, add a thin strip of cellophane up the middle on each nail. You can add a gemstone at either end of the strip for extra sparkle. Get the tutorial here.

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