Wrap your nails in foil this season and add a snowflake design

Holiday ornaments and wrapping paper often feature breathtaking designs. Foil wrapping embossed with seasonal images like snowflakes inspires this joyous manicure. You could spend hours painting tiny stars and snowflakes, but you probably have more important things to do.
Create a holiday manicure with holographic foil and white stamping polish instead. Foil glue gel helps transfer foil adhere to the nail longer, so apply the gel over clean nails as a base coat. Pick a snowflake design that fits your nail size, and stamp the design onto your foil-coated nails. If you accidentally get polish on your skin, remove it with an acetone-soaked cotton swab.
- Foil glue gel (Makartt)
- UV or LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- Gold holographic transfer foil
- Cuticle pusher
- White stamping polish (BMC in Bam White)
- Snowflake stamping plate (Born Pretty, Celebration BPX-L008)
- Nail scraper (Born Pretty)
- Silicone stamper (Born Pretty)
- No-wipe gel top coat (Cheri)
- Cotton swab (optional)
- Acetone (optional)
Fierce League
1. Brush foil glue gel onto your nails, and cure it with the lamp.
2. Press a square of gold holographic transfer foil firmly against your nail with a cuticle pusher. Repeat as needed.
3. Brush white stamping polish onto the snowflake stamping plate.
4. Drag the nail scraper along the stamping plate to fill in the design.
5. Press the silicone stamper against the stamping plate to pick up the polish.
6. Press the stamper against the nail surface, and gently roll it from one side to the other to deposit the paint. Tip: If the design extends beyond the edges of the nail, use your finger to lightly press it into place underneath.
7. Seal your manicure with no-wipe top coat to prevent chipping. Cure the polish with the lamp once more.
8. If you’ve accidentally stamped gel polish onto your skin, carefully remove it with a cotton swab dipped in acetone.
Stay pretty!

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