Try out this simple dotted Swiss nail art style on your busiest days

Pop idol Fergie recently described nail polish as "the icing on the cake" of one's style, and with good reason. After all, nail art is undoubtedly one of the top contemporary mediums for self-expression. However, today's manicure lovers don't always have time to create elaborate works of art on their fingers.
If your current polish is chipping, and you don't have the luxury of spending hours on an elaborate nail design, this tutorial might offer the answer to your style prayers. Keep reading for tips on mastering the art of a simple yet sleek dotted Swiss manicure in mere minutes.
- Clou Beaute Gelpolish in Grey 2047
- Clou Beaute Gelpolish in Blue
- Kupa Non-Wipe Matte Top Coat
- Striper brush
- Dotting tool
- Young Nails Speed Nail Powder in Clear
- Nail brush
- Lumcrissy gel lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. Paint your nails with a coat of Clou Beauty Gelpolish in Grey 2047. If desired, paint one or more nails on each hand using a blue shade of the Gelpolish.
2. Use the Lumcrissy gel lamp to dry the polish.
3. Coat your nails with Kupa Non-Wipe Matte top coat.
4. Use the Lumcrissy gel lamp to dry the polish.
5. Draw three parallel lines of Clou Beauty Gelpolish in Grey with the striping brush, extending from the base of your nail to the tip.
6. Create three circles of Clou Beauty Gelpolish in Grey in each of the sections between the lines, using a dotting tool.
7. Scoop some Young Nails Speed Nail Powder in Clear onto each of your painted nails. Tap your fingers to remove excess powder.
8. Use the Lumcrissy gel lamp to dry the polish.
9. Smooth out each nail using a nail brush.
10. Add rhinestones or other embellishments as desired.

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