Give short nails a holiday upgrade with a miniature wreath

Most holiday manicures require long nails in order to look right. Candy canes and Christmas trees are elaborate and are super hard to paint in miniature. If you have short nails, you may be feeling like you don’t have many options. This tiny wreath, however, makes even the shortest nails look adorable.
Painting a wreath isn’t hard if you have a dotting tool. Simply dip the large end in green and teal paint to create a circle of dots. Blend the colors together slightly, and then add a few red berries and a red glitter bow.
- Tan gel polish (Clou Beauté, 3008)
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Palette paper (not shown)
- Dark green gel polish (Born Pretty, Legends of the Stars)
- Dotting tool
- Teal gel polish (Clou Beauté, 2059)
- Liner brush
- Red gel polish (Born Pretty, Crazy Red)
- Red heart glitter
- Red dot glitter
- No-wipe gel top coat (Cheri)
Fierce League
1. Paint your nails with two coats of tan gel polish. Cure the gel in between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Place a small amount of dark green, teal and red gel polish on a sheet of palette paper. This will make it easier to pick up the right amount of paint with the dotting tool.
3. Create the wreath by using the dotting tool to apply alternating dots of dark green and teal gel polish.
4. Gently drag the liner brush through the dots to slightly blur the colors, and then cure the gel with the lamp.
5. Dip the dotting tool in red gel polish, and apply several dots inside and outside the wreath. Cure the polish with the lamp.
6. Use the small end of the dotting tool to apply several small dots of no-wipe gel top coat to the wreath, and then place two red hearts on the design. Tip: The hearts will form the bow, so place them with the pointed ends touching.
7. Place a single red glitter dot in between the two hearts to complete the bow. Cure the gel with the lamp.
8. Seal your manicure with no-wipe top coat to prevent chipping. Cure the polish with the lamp once more.
Stay pretty!

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