You can rock these winter nail designs every day and look fab

Just because you're donning gloves or mittens when it's cold doesn't mean you should leave your nails bare this season. As the dreary winter weather sets in, take the opportunity to liven things up with a nail style upgrade.
From snowy winter wonderlands to sleek icicle designs, the nail looks below celebrate everything that's great about this time of the year. Playful and refreshing, these manicures will keep your mood high even as the mercury plummets. Learn the secrets to the styles below.
Glittering wonderland
Even if you hate driving in the snow, you can't deny how beautiful each individual flake is as it lands on your windshield, just as you too are uniquely beautiful. This glittering wonderland manicure features a pale blue backdrop as lovely as the coolest winter afternoon. Customize this manicure with snowflake stickers and rhinestones. Get the tutorial here.
Fog ombre
Foggy mornings conceal all manner of secrets. Seductive yet mysterious, this white and purple ombre manicure brings a touch of the clandestine to otherwise dull winter days. As a bonus, this nail art choice is easier to achieve than other styles. Score the secrets below.
Fierce League
Snowflake stamp
Hosting a cocktail party or dinner? Cheer up your friends and loved ones with this sweet snowflake stamp manicure. Icy blue polish honors the look of the season, while Makartt art foil glue gel adds a touch of drama. Get the tutorial here.
Champagne chrome nails with fox accent
Creamy champagne nails are a solid choice year-round. However, this manicure gets a wintry upgrade, thanks to the addition of a fox accent on the ring finger. Moreover, you can accomplish this style in a few simple brush strokes. Get the tutorial here.
Easy wreath
Why should we celebrate Christmas just one month out of the year? If you live and breathe all things merry and bright, consider wearing this easy wreath manicure all winter long. Add a few bright red holly berries for that extra touch of fun. Get the tutorial here.
White and holo icicles
Winter weather might be cold, but this nail look is undeniably hot. White nail paint drips down a soft, blue backdrop like icicles hanging from a roof, while glitter adds a dash of shimmer and shine. Check out the easy tutorial here.
Simple dotted Swiss
Sparkle isn't the only thing that makes a winter manicure memorable. Combining periwinkle blue and pale gray polish, this matte look is equally unforgettable. Add a line of dots to ensure this style stands out from the rest. Get the tutorial here.

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