If you’re a minimalist, you’ll adore this stylish matte manicure

Busy, complicated designs are fun once in a while, but they can be exhausting to create. When your schedule is filled with commitments, but you don’t want to leave your nails completely bare, try a minimalist approach.
This nail design uses just the essentials to create a striking effect. Light pink shimmer polish gets an edgy upgrade with a black and white design. Paint the cuticle area white, then add a black diagonal line to emphasize your nail’s length. Top the design with mattifying gel to give the entire manicure a modern appearance.
- Light pink shimmer gel polish (Gelish Mini, Light Elegant)
- UV or LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- White drawing gel (Elite 99, 5603)
- Long liner brush
- Black drawing gel (Elite 99, 5604)
- Mattifying no-wipe topcoat (Kupe)
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of light pink shimmer gel polish. Cure the wet gel with the UV or LED lamp between coats.
2. Use the long liner brush to paint a horizontal line just above the cuticle with white drawing gel. Fill in the area between the line and the cuticle, so that it’s completely solid. Cure the gel with the lamp.
3. Paint an overlapping curved line with the black drawing gel. Start at the center of the white section, and draw a slightly curved diagonal line out toward the edge of the nail. Fill in the area below the black line just as you did earlier with the white gel. Cure with the lamp.
4. Apply mattifying no-wipe topcoat over the entire design, and cure it once more with the lamp.

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