Game in style with these gamer nail designs

Video games are more than just fun to play — they offer an endless assortment of inspiring concepts and images that easily translate into today's nail art trends. Add a single game-influenced accent nail to your manicure, or go all-out and paint each nail a different way.
The following tutorials cover everything from error codes to circuit boards. Most of these designs incorporate decals, stickers, holographic foil or special effect nail gel. Whichever one you choose, you'll be guaranteed to attract attention.
Neon flamingo
Check this out, flamingo fans. Neon signs attract attention, and this neon flamingo makes a cool accent nail if you're a gamer. The design starts out fairly basic with a blue background, but the peachy pink bird gets a coat of glow-in-the-dark polish for a New Age riff on an age-old marketing sign. Get the tutorial here.
If you've ever capitalized on a weakness in a video game, then you're familiar with glitching. Basically, this involves doing things that give you an advantage over other players. Just like in glitch art, the outcome is unexpected. To achieve a similar effect, try layering gold word stickers over a statute decal for an unsuspected, yet stunning design. Get the tutorial here.
Circuit boards
Gamers and tech aficionados know that circuit boards make everything work together seamlessly. Creating this design freehand would require painstaking precision, which is why you'll love using a stamping plate instead. Don't forget to add the caviar beads. Get the tutorial here.
Technical difficulties
Even the best game can sometimes go awry. When it does, you can expect to see this familiar combination of colors appear. “Technical difficulties” can be a drag, but this cheerful manicure mocks those little interruptions. Build a colorful grid of colors on top of a white background to show that even life's mishaps won't get you down. Get the tutorial here.
404 error
Don't you hate it when the dreaded “404” error message pops up in the middle of your "me" time? When your system malfunctions, those three numbers mean waiting for an update or simply shutting down your system for a while. Make light of the error by adding the code to a whimsical neon manicure. Get the tutorial here.
Lost in cyberspace
At times, the world seems very small. Cyberspace, on the other hand, is infinite. If you love the idea of mixing and matching images that don't ordinarily go together, then you'll love this manicure. Holographic foil gives the nails a futuristic look, and the cute decals make the finished design super cool and unique. Get the tutorial here.
Retro sunset
Swap the traditional ombré sunset manicure for one with a darker edge and a dash of abstraction. The tricolored sun is composed of neon hues, and the black and blue background electrifies the design. A dotted decal gives the sun its pop art look. Get the tutorial here.
Stay pretty.

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