Stick cellophane onto nail & achieve this stunning nail look

For a manicure with true artistic flair, draw inspiration from the beauty of stained glass windows. This multicolored glass often includes abstract shapes or even small pieces that create a larger picture, like a field of flowers or a historic figure.
To create this effect, begin by painting your nails black. This will make the iridescent glass paper catch the light. Choose an array of colored papers,and piece together a design by aligning the flat edges side by side. For the “lead” that holds the “panes” in place, use silver spider gel. Finish off the manicure with a coat of structure gel, which will fill in the gaps between the panes and give the nails a smooth appearance.
- Iridescent glass paper in multiple colors
- Sharp scissors
- Black nail gel (not shown)
- UV or LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- Clear gel base coat (Gelish Foundation)
- Tweezers
- Silver spider gel (Saviland, 006)
- Liner brush
- Structure gel (Gelish Structure)
- Clear gel top coat (Cheri)
1. Snip several colors of iridescent glass paper into angular shapes with the scissors, and set them aside.
Fierce League
Fierce League
2. Apply two coats of black gel to the nails. Cure the wet gel with the UV or LED lamp between coats.
Fierce League
3. Apply a single layer of clear gel base coat to the nails, but don’t cure them immediately.
4. Pick up a piece of iridescent glass paper with the tweezers, and then place it onto the nail.
Fierce League
Repeat as desired with additional colored papers. Tip: Positioning the pieces so the flat edges align will make the next step easier.
Fierce League
5. Cure the wet gel with the lamp.
Fierce League
6. Dip the liner brush into the silver spider gel, and string it around each piece of glass paper.
Fierce League
Cure the gel with the lamp when you’re finished with this step.
Fierce League
7. Apply a layer of structure gel to the entire nail surface, and cure again with the lamp. The gel will create an even surface and fill in the areas between the spider gel.
Fierce League
8. Protect the design by applying a layer of clear gel top coat to the nails and curing it one final time with the lamp.
Fierce League
Stay pretty!

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