This 3D shimmer drip manicure is pure art

Who says a nail design can’t have dimension? This shimmer drip manicure has a raised surface, so it looks a bit like sculpture. The nails start off a flat nude, and then structure gel gives the drips a raised texture. Chrome powder and gel add extra contrast to this unique look.
You do not need matte nude polish for this design. Just use your regular nude gel and apply a layer of mattifying gel on top. When working with iridescent powder, you will need disposable makeup applicators, like the kind used to apply eye shadow. If you accidentally get extra powder on the matte portion of the nail, simply sweep it away with a fluffy makeup brush.
- Nude gel polish (Clou Beauté, N09)
- UV or LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- Matte gel top coat (Kupa GelFinity TopCoat Matte)
- Structure gel (Gelish Structure)
- Iridescent chrome powder
- Disposable sponge makeup applicators
- Fluffy blending brush
- White drawing gel (Elite99, 5603)
- Medium liner brush
- Sealer gel (Gelish Top It Off)
- Nail wipes
- Waterproof sticky note pad
- Silver chrome gel (Joya Mia, Aluminix Silver Base)
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of nude gel polish to the nails. Cure the wet gel with the UV or LED lamp in between coats.
2. Coat the nails with matte gel, and cure it with the lamp.
3. Use structure gel to build the 3D portion of the design. Begin by applying a drop of gel near the tip, and then allow the gel to drip slightly as you move the brush toward the cuticle area.
4. Apply more structure gel near the cuticle to form the bulk of the design, and add another drip next to the first one if desired. Cure the gel with the lamp.
5. Pat iridescent chrome powder onto the structure gel with a disposable makeup applicator. Sweep away excess powder with the blending brush.
6. Outline the raised design with white drawing gel using the medium liner brush. Add a little squiggle mark near the top of the raised design as well, and then cure the gel with the lamp once more.
7. Apply sealer gel to the raised design then cure the gel with the lamp.
8. Remove the tacky layer of polish with a nail wipe.
9. Place a small amount of silver chrome polish onto a waterproof sticky note pad.
10. Dip the liner brush into the chrome polish, and then apply it just inside the white paint to give the drips added dimension. Cure the gel once more with the lamp.
Stay pretty!

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