Repairing a cracked nail is simpler than you think

A masterfully manicured set of nails is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, most of us use our hands continuously, and chipped or cracked nails are a common occurrence. If you’ve ever split a nail and needed to mend it but didn’t have time to go to the salon, you’ve probably tried fixing it with standard polish. As a last resort, you could file the other nails down to match, but no one wants to go to that extreme.
The following tutorial will help you mend a cracked nail, whether it’s an acrylic, gel or natural one. Start by cleaning the nail and applying protein bond. This will help the gel base coat adhere to the nail better. When applying the base coat, float the product over the nail without applying too much pressure. The gel will be slightly thicker than normal, which will hold the silk fabric in place.
- Cotton square
- 99 percent isopropyl alcohol
- Protein bond (Young Nails)
- Silk fabric (SuperNail China Silk Wrap)
- Small, sharp scissors
- Base coat gel polish (Gelish, Foundation)
- Tweezers
- UV or LED lamp
- 100/180 grit file
- Manicure brush
- Buffer
- Cuticle oil
We all hate those cracked nails, especially those on the edges!
Fierce League
1. Soak a cotton square in the alcohol, and thoroughly clean your nail.
Fierce League
2. Coat the cracked nail with a thin layer of protein bond.
Fierce League
3. Snip off a small piece of silk fabric with the scissors.
Fierce League
4. Apply a thin layer of base coat gel polish to the nail.
Fierce League
5. Use the tweezers to apply the silk fabric to the cracked portion of the nail.
Fierce League
6. Layer more base coat gel over the silk fabric to ensure it's completely covered, then cure the gel with the lamp.
Fierce League
7. Repeat step 6.
8. Clean off the tacky layer of polish with an alcohol-soaked cotton square.
9. File the surface of the nail with the 100/180 grit file, and then brush away any powdery residue with the manicure brush.
Fierce League
10. Buff the nail with the buffer to eliminate any remaining grooves, and brush off the residue again.
Fierce League
11. Brush cuticle oil onto the cuticles.
Fierce League
Rub thoroughly.
Fierce League
All fixed!
Fierce League

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