Put a little fire in your life with an iridescent inferno manicure

Have you ever sat beside a fireplace and watched the flames dance? Their motion can be hypnotic, and the colors range from gold and red to blue. Painting flames freehand takes skill and patience, but this flame manicure uses iridescent stickers instead, so you will not have to work so hard.
To create this look, be sure to paint the rear portion of the nail magenta and the tip black. Place the tips of the flames on the sticker over the black paint. This gives the illusion of smoke near the iridescence. Structure gel helps keep the nails strong and will make the surface smooth, so the edges of the sticker won’t stand up.
- Magenta gel polish (FairyGlo, 6706)
- UV or LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- Black gel polish
- Comb brush
- Iridescent flame stickers
- Tweezers
- Structure gel (Gelish Structure)
- Clear sealer gel (Gelish Top It Off)
Fierce League
1. Apply one coat of magenta gel polish to the nails, and cure the wet gel with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Apply a second coat of magenta polish to half the nail. Start at the cuticle area and stop when you reach the middle of your nail.
3. Paint the other half of the nail with the black gel polish, and then blur the line in between the colors with a comb brush. Cure the gel with the lamp again.
4. Use the tweezers to lift an iridescent flame sticker off the backing. Press the sticker against your nail so that the flame tips are pointing toward the tip of your nail. Use your fingertip to press the sticker firmly into place.
5. Coat the nail with structure gel, and cure it with the lamp. The structure gel will hold the sticker in place while also creating a smooth surface.
6. Protect the finished design by applying sealer gel and curing it with the lamp.
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