Greasy hair? Don't stress. Hide it with these hacks

Let's face facts. We all lead busy lives, and it's not always possible to shower and shampoo every single day. The dry shampoo manufacturers are making a fortune because of this simple truth. If you can't or don't want to shampoo daily, it helps to have options for dealing with the natural oils that build up on your scalp.
Baby powder and dry shampoo both absorb oil, and adding a little extra texture to your normal style will keep hair strands from clumping together. Distractions also work. A baseball cap will hide your roots, and a pretty hair accessory will draw a person's eye toward the clip and not your hair. Read on for more tips and tricks.
Wear a hat
It's easy to hide greasy hair under a hat, but only if the hat goes with your outfit. You wouldn't wear a ball cap to a formal event, so save this option for casual days when you're running errands or heading off to class.
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Apply dry shampoo the right way
Degreasing your hair is easy with dry shampoo. But if you spray it directly onto your scalp, it can be impossible to blend in. To avoid coating your roots, aim the mist downward toward the hair. Work the product in with your fingers, and brush away the residue.
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Try baby powder
Dry shampoo can be expensive, especially if you use it several times a week. On "no wash" days, sprinkle baby powder onto the oily area near your roots. Pat the product in with your hands, and then use a natural hair brush to distribute the powder and eliminate any telltale residue.
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Create a tousled updo
While a simple ponytail may enhance the appearance of oily hair, a twisted updo can work wonders. Loosely pull your hair back into a ponytail, and then twist the length up and around the elastic to form a bun. Pin it in place with bobby pins for a casual "no wash" style.
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Strategically place a hair clip
Texture has a way of hiding less-than-clean roots, and by employing a distraction, you can work a bit of magic in your mane. Twist the front portion of your hair, and pin it in place with a pretty hair accessory. The combination is both effective and attractive.
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Boost your style naturally
Give your ponytail a little boost as well as extra texture. Wrap a section of hair around the hair elastic, and pin it in place. But don't stop there. Slightly loosen the ponytail so that your hair doesn't lie completely flat. Oily roots are less obvious when the hair has more volume.
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Tie your hair back with a claw clip
If you normally use a claw clip to keep your hair back when washing your face, here's another use for it. Brush back the hair at the crown of your head, then secure it in place near your neck with the claw clip. Just like the style shown above, avoid pulling the hair back too tightly as that will only emphasize second-day hair.
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With all of these options, there's no need to fret about washing your hair every day. In fact, your scalp may thank you for the day off.
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