This colorful manicure goes with everything in your wardrobe

There are no rules stating that your nails have to match your outfit, but it’s nice when things work out that way. Unless you live a monochromatic life with varying shades of a single hue, you’re likely to need a manicure that looks good with everything you wear.
This speckled design features five colors on a white background. To keep the colors from looking uniform, use a stippling sponge instead of a brush. The sponge gives you more control, and no two designs will look exactly the same. Use any colors you have on hand, or follow the tutorial’s recommendations for an artistic, yet whimsical result.
- White gel polish (Elite99, 1433)
- UV or LED lamp (Lumcrissy, not shown)
- Light blue gel polish (Canni, 611)
- Teal gel polish (Canni, 607)
- Large pore stippling sponge
- Flat brush
- Peach gel polish (Elite99, N15)
- Yellow gel polish (FairyGlo, 6713)
- Black gel polish
- Sealer gel polish (Gelish Top It Off)
- Cotton swab (optional)
- Acetone nail polish remover (optional)
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white gel polish to the nails, curing the gel between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Prepare the stippling sponge by applying small amounts of light blue and teal gel polish to the surface with the flat brush. Don’t cover the entire surface, though.
3. Dab the painted side of the stippling sponge against the nail several times to deposit the paint. Cure the wet gel with the lamp.
4. Repeat step 2 by applying peach and yellow paint to the sponge. Stipple the surface of the nail again, and cure the gel with the lamp.
5. Complete the stippling process by applying black paint to the sponge and pressing it against the nail. Cure the gel with the lamp once more.
6. Apply a layer of sealer gel polish to the finished design to protect it, curing it with the lamp.
7. If you accidentally get polish on your finger during the stippling process, remove it with a cotton swab that has been soaked in acetone nail polish remover.