You'll never look at blue the same after trying this multi-tone makeup look

If you think blue eye shadow went out of style during the '60s, think again. This sky-blue hue is all grown up, and the addition of teal gives the eye a smoky finish without being overly dark. Layering colors will help you achieve the best effect, so start with teal and sky blue, and build up their intensity with metallic teal and deep navy eye shadow.
The key to pairing two different shades of blue is to blend them together in the center. The eye color is essentially half light and half dark. Depending on the palette you have, it’s best to keep all the colors in the same warm or cool family. Black liner and fluffy lashes finish this flirty retro look and make it all its own.
- Brow pencil (Revlon ColorStay)
- Foundation (Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous)
- Concealer brush
- Buffing brush
- Mattifying cream (Murad Oil Control Mattifier)
- Foundation brush
- Light-colored concealer (L’Oréal Infallible Full Wear)
- Beauty sponge
- Dark-colored concealer (Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer)
- Setting powder (Maybelline Fit Me)
- Pressed powder (MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder)
- Powder brush
- Bronzer (NARS, "Laguna")
- Cool brown eye shadow (BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, "Naked")
- Blending brush
- Teal eye shadow (BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, "Envy")
- Sky blue eye shadow (HUDA Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, "Sapphire #4")
- Flat eye shadow brush
- Navy eye shadow (BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, "Mood")
- Metallic teal eye shadow (HUDA Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, "Sapphire #3")
- Black liquid eyeliner (Essence Super Last)
- False lashes (not shown)
- Tweezers (not shown)
- Lash glue (not shown)
- Gold highlighter (BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, "Sinner")
- Cheek brush
- Red lip pencil (Morphe, "Clingy")
- Reddish-brown liquid lipstick (Anastasia Beverly Hills, "Allison")
- Lip brush
Fierce League
1. Outline your brows, and fill in missing hairs with a brow pencil.
2. Apply foundation above and below your brows with a concealer brush to refine their shape. Stipple the product with a buffing brush to eliminate brush marks.
3. Gently massage mattifying cream into your skin to reduce oil during the day.
4. Apply foundation to your face with a foundation brush. Use downward strokes to avoid fluffing up the tiny hairs on your face.
5. Restore brightness to your face by applying light-colored concealer with the applicator wand. Apply the product below your eyes, on the center of your chin and forehead, along the bridge of your nose and above your Cupid’s bow. Press the product into your skin with a damp beauty sponge.
6. Contour your cheeks, temples and the upper corners of your forehead by applying dark-colored concealer with the applicator wand. Buff the concealer into your foundation with the foundation brush.
7. Press a heavy layer of setting powder below your eyes with the beauty sponge, but don’t brush it away just yet.
8. Brush pressed powder over the rest of your face with a powder brush, but skip the under-eye area.
9. Sweep bronzer onto your cheeks and temples with the powder brush.
10. Prime the eye area for shadow by applying light-colored concealer over your entire eye area, and buff it into the skin with the buffing brush.
11. Sweep cool brown eye shadow along the crease and under your lower lashes with the blending brush.
12. Darken the outer third of your lid with teal eye shadow, and sweep some along the crease as well.
13. Pat sky blue eye shadow onto the inner two-thirds of your lid with a flat eye shadow brush.
14. Intensify the outer corner of your lid and under your lash line with navy shadow.
15. Layer metallic teal eye shadow over the sky blue with the blending brush, making sure to surround the tear duct area as well. Use your finger to pat the shadow into place to lessen the likelihood of fallout.
16. Line your upper lash line with black liquid eyeliner.
17. Hold the false lashes with the tweezers, and apply a small amount of lash glue onto the lash band. Let the glue set for 10 seconds, then apply the lashes just above your upper lashes.
18. Sweep gold highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones with a cheek brush.
19. Outline your lips with red lip pencil to prevent your liquid lipstick from bleeding.
20. Fill in your lips with reddish-brown liquid lipstick. Use a lip brush for precision.
Stay pretty!